Monday, October 26, 2015

The Craziest thing about smoking a deer with my car today

Today started out like my usual mornings, got up, made coffee, cooked breakfast, pissed people off on my FB news feed, and prepared to head out the door.
I wanted to be early, and I have been working on it since I have always been mr run out the door and arrive to the second. Ok, well that used to be the case, for some reason lately I am always 5 minutes or so late grrr.
As I happened out the door I could not find my inhaler, since we just got a cat and it is kicking my allergies ass, I really wanted it just in case. So being early turned into I will be lucky to get there on time.
Now mind you I do not speed anymore, I just cannot afford a ticket, plus the road I drive absolutely sucks for deer on the road, something I think about every morning.
Today was odd, as I was leaving town the song "One bitten twice shy" by Great White. Now the crazy thing about this song is in 1989 I would be listening to it when I totaled my first charger. That crossed my mind today but I forced it out and was singing along to what I always thought a good song. I was thinking of the Irony of the part about being "Burned" when all those people had died at their show a few years back.
So anyhow, on to my journey down the road, the deer did what deer do when it is dark, jumped right out in front of me and I only had time to hit the brakes, to no avail.
I would end up towing the car to work, but that is beside the point, back to the Irony of the song.
What really has me wondering is the numbers game. I wrecked my first car around the same time of the year so long ago, I wonder if it was on the same day?
Will let you know as I look for that old ticket.

A good reminder as always to hug the ones you love :)

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