Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How not to be labeled a "Terrorist"

Yet another deplorable attack has happened, with only fortune dictating one casualty, the shooter has happened and the nation momentarily held its breath in anticipation of the Radical Islamic fundamentalist which was stopped. They would be told shortly it was simply a man with mental problems, all is ok, despite the man having a history of "Calling himself a Prophet of god"

This is not a even a little bit surprising to me, all be it very disappointing but it seems to be the norm, and why not?

Nearly weekly the Pope is cast on TV As the "Religious Leader of the world" his words placed on the TV and everyone from the common person, celebrity to political figure proclaim his greatness. The result? an extremely biased and bigoted system based on the classic ideology of familiarity so excuses are made.

Anyone, who has a belief in god seems to be incapable of a terrorist attack, Andrea Yates who killed her kids for god "Mental problem" woman who killed baby in Russia "Jihadist terrorist" be afraid, it is only a matter of time.

Shoot up a school, military complex or otherwise go ballistic, if you are a christian you were "misunderstood and now removed for the safety of America' Anyone else, including an atheist is quickly decried as horrible and their kind must be stopped, again a threat to the sanctity of the world.

Look this has to stop, had this been another "Muslim" we would all be facing the inventible calls for "Turning the Mideast to glass" never mind a good amount of Muslims do not even live in the Mideast, that like most facts regarding our "War" ON terrorism seem to be irrelevant.

I am ok with religion, be it the Spaghetti Monster, Christianity, Muslim or Comet loving, but when you start pushing your own "Culture" which is the history of the dominant religion of the world, I call foul.

It is time to stop, I hvae come to the realization that the west is indeed carrying on a holy war, it is nonsense and absolutely has to stop.


  1. Excellent post. Truly thoughts for the ages!

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