Sunday, April 17, 2016

What I liked about Denmark

There has been lots of talk about Danmarks 100 percent or higher vehicle tax, this is my reply to those that would never think of living there.

I liked Danmark, everything is done and beautiful. The roads are great, trash is picked up and believe me after a night of partying they toss shit around like anywhere, by 9am the Elves must have magically appeared to clean up as I never saw anyone actually picking up the trash.

You can order a beer with your value meal, nobody freaks out if you have a drink on your lunch break at work or if you drive.

Great healthy food, you can eat out and not worry about a bad meal as they take immense pride in everything they do.

"free" medical so you break something you don't have to worry about filing bankruptcy.

Outstanding public transportation that runs n time.

Time off! You would crap yourself if you knew how much time off from work many Euros get in the summer.

Free college.

People dress with pride and dignity, are well read and educated with the typical person speaking four languages.

I really wished I had stayed, I thought firearms mattered, and to a point they do, but I would rather have a country that cares for each other and their infrastructure than the US where it's a struggle to get pot holes fixed or books in schools cause muricans do not want to prioritize paying higher taxes over having garbage they do not need but feel entitled to.

In my opinion as Americans we need a priority change, badly.

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