Saturday, May 21, 2016

When Climate Science meets reality, what happens?

There was a time when I believed any person who did not buy into the "Science" regarding Climate Change was the biggest idiot on the planet. Then I started doing some research and went almost completely 180, while I never denied Climate change, I simply doubted much of the science supporting it, now I am somewhere in the middle, here is an example of why.

Recently I attended a meeting for the Dept I work for. There was a room full of Scientists and those who support them and their efforts, myself included.
Lectures ensued and as those lectures proceeded, I realized just how fallible Science really is. Lecture after lecture showed its own bias, but the real scary part, was how much pressure came upon those who simply presented the facts, which were a bit contradictory to what the mainstream thought of Climate Science states. Those people were often forced to change their Science to agree with the common thoughts regarding the effects of Climate Change, despite their own findings finding evidence to the contrary.

So what are those findings that contradict Climate Science you ask?

Well, for one we hear daily how a variety of species will simply become extinct as our climate changes. We are bombarded with Images of starving dying polar bears, struggling to find ice shelves to verify these thoughts. What we do not hear is the picture of the Polar bear is likely just a picture of one going through its usual Molt. We also do not bother to think that the Polar Bear, like most Animals has EVOVLED to suit its environment.
Bam, there it is, full circle right back to a basic aspect of Science, Evolution and Natural Selection will determine the future of a species, not the climate in and of itself.

Will the Polar Bear cease to exist? Unlikely, it like other animals will have to adapt and find a new way of hunting or finding food. Being a bear that should not be much of a problem for it.

Another Animal which Climate Change advocates are pushing extinction with is the Wolverine. They predominantly use Snow Banks to make Dens in, they also are primarily a highland Animal, or so common thinking of the little know species is thought. So logically if they cannot Den and are highland animals, the will cease to exist, right?
The ground science on it is far less certain to the extinction aspect caused simply from climate change. As it turns out Wolverines have for some time also been using rock outcroppings, denning under logs and in other crevasse. So the likely hood of Wolverines going extinct is far less certain as they seem to be fairly adaptable.
It also is to note that recently a Northern Wyoming Wolverine traveled down to Colorado, then back up to North Dakota where it would meet its fate by the hands of a rancher protecting his livestock. The most important thing about this is it ended up in NORTH DAKOTA! Not a territory one would ever Imagine the wolverine would ever even try to survive. Regardless it did.
Clearly science is not as certain as mainstream notion pushes, which if anyone has ever read from some of the greatest scientists notions, that is exactly what we find, that Science changes and sometimes what is predicted, never comes true.

So where does this leave us? Well first off, I love Science, it is my preferred go to source and attitude for almost everything, but it does leave us knowing we should insert a bit of common sense, not panic, and think about what is really going on around us.

Undoubtedly climate change is happening and changing this planet profoundly, the Hows and Whys are not as Certain as much of this science is still very young./

Be skeptical and open minded my friends, and as the one Climate Scientist at my conference said "We are missing quit a few pieces, let us stick with what we know" Great Lecture and I enjoyed chatting with him after his speech. Take the time to ask questions yourself.

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