Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Call for Socialized Medicine

In order to have a strong society one fundamental right needs to be addressed, and that is our health.
When a society is healthy it is able to pursue other goals, Science flourishes, commerce is strong, and the over all happiness and well being the norm.
I have made it clear that I am not a fan of Obamacare at all.
However the indication that thousands of people on a single day try to sign up for health insurance aught to tell everyone in government that people are tired of being treated like ass in this country.
Our Medical system is broke, broke to a point that I do not know if it can be repaired.
Corruption is rampant, greed the norm, and apathy common.
Yet the ACA does not address this, nor does anyone with the law seem intent on taking this on.
People in America are held hostage by our Medical system and indecision from our politicians.
We deserve to be treated like human beings, Nobody should go bankrupt because an insurance policy found an exemption. Nobody should be forced into bankruptcy because a medical community is charging bloated rates.
Its time for this country to look around and see what other western countries are doing right. Its time to make the absolute best medical system in the world, and to make ours the envy, not the joke which it currently is.
Many cry socialism when reading this, and they would be correct, I indeed am advocating it in this regard.
There are aspects of socialism which are good, we enjoy common roads, water ways and other things which make our life better, so why not, I ask you, why not where it matters he most?

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  1. I was shocked the other day talking with one of my doctors. He is a Republican, and always griping about Obamacare. He said his is for single-payer, Universal healthcare (the Public Option). He also don't like dealing with all the different insurances and coverage packages. Coding is the biggest pain. Good article.