Friday, October 14, 2016

Freedom, it is time to talk about what it means, especially in the American sense.

We hear it all the time, over and over again how we are the "Land of the Free" but very few stop and think what that actually means.

It does not mean you are free in the Anarchy sense, it means we are a nation of laws, both for prosecution as well as protection, the later is often forgotten.

Here are the three primary areas of the word freedom, at least in the American sense for the first two, the later for the world.

I guess I shall start out with the first aspect of American Freedom which comes to mind, Free from the Rule of the British.
The founding fathers had lots of Grievances which were listed within the Declaration of Independence, with our casting off the chains of British Rule, we became "Free" from their rule.

Next which comes to mind is Free from Religion. Religion was a big sticking point in our founding fathers who were primarily Agnostic in their views. They strongly disliked being told how to worship, if indeed at all. We also know that at the time of our Revolution the bulk of the people were Atheist. This is actually known from Church records themselves, where Churches kept track of those "Heathens" who needed to be converted.

Last is arguably the most important, a voice of the people in the name of Democracy. As I stated earlier, the Declaration of Independence laid forth grievances against the British rule, having a say in how your government functioned as well as how it treated the people was arguably the crutch of the entire argument against the red coats. This was accomplished by giving the people a chance to vote for Representatives which could of course represent the people of said area in a manner they felt befitting.

There are of course other areas to cover, however all those are listed within your Constitution, which you all should take seriously.
I often see posts about "Well that judge got this wrong, and hands up follow orders" Sorry ,those are not arguing for freedom, they are arguing against it.

Please, please take the time to look into your rights, read your history and most importantly think about those issues of the time, and how they can relate to today.

In the end it comes down to the Golden Rule, "Do unto Others as you would have Done unto You" Being free from false judgment goes a long, long ways to prosperity.

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  1. Great post!
    It's amazing how many people are quick to call on their individual rights while taking the same away from others. The Golden Rule, in my opinion is the best motto for any human being of any religious (or non-religious) belief to follow.