Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Recent Market Crash will rebound for now, but it is an ominous sign of the future to come.

Since the Great Recession of 2007 the economy has slowly rebounded after dodging what could have been our nations greatest financial catastrophe.
Bailouts ensued with clamor from some on the right and the left that it was not the way, nevertheless this was the only sure we known to pull out of the market and those bailouts came.
Rich fat cats who gambled people's investments with reckless abandonment were rewarded with financial security, while common people just hoping to get ahead were nursed along.
Eventually the thousands of people applying for a single job would give way to a few hundred, to a few dozen as the economy chewed its way back to normality. Soon in prosperity as always the Modern AMernca, arguably the most short sighted creature on the planet with the worst memory chugged forward with reckless abandon.
Despite warnings Conservatives regained a political strong hold in Congress and began tearing at a Progressive President with lopsided deal after deal, meant only to help just a few with the promise of some scraps falling off the table.
In order to keep the country running the President would usually agree gaining a little for the common man on the side and keeping the economy moving right along, which it did.
But everything good must come to an end, especially when greed and gluttony are not only acceptable, but the encouraged norm.
Soon a man representing every negative attribute one can think of would claw his way into the Presidency with promises to wreck havoc on the common man for his own financial well being, and those wealthy about him.
Cruel he was but ignored by the promises of fake wealth he steam rolled ahead. NEver mind he was incredibly short sighted with an aptitude for turning gold to lead, he would lead on.
His policies long since debunked but the steadfast dream of Rand's devoted naive followers gave way from rhetoric to reality.
Soon the oldest man ever to gain the Presidency would push away international relations and threaten trade deals at every time.
His instability readily apparent to the rational thinker, it was ignored as riches fell upon the proper people who never seem to look very far beyond tomorrow.
The it happened, after a solid year of holding onto a skillfully crafted, yet lucky economy everything grinded to a halt for a short time, as it always does.
His policies finally have come to roost, the realization that nationalist Rhetoric will pound ones pocket book comes to play. The realization that you cannot go to another country and berate strong trade partners also comes with the slap in the face that nothing happens tomorrow, but a possible end. Nationalism as always ends up hitting the brick wall of reality.
Now comes the tricky part. With a Congress determined to undermine the common man and a clueless President who cares about his own well being, what will come of you and I?
Probably not much as always. For the next year until there is a likely Blue Wave we will chug along, watching things change quicker than they probably should. We will sit and wonder if this is the end, if the Nationalist anti everyone Rhetoric will cut off our food supply. What is that you say? Well as it turns out we do not produce enough food to feed our own, yet another glaring example of why it is better to get along with your neighbor than not.
We will see where this all goes, however logic and math suggests the end of hte markets is near.
Buckle up, things are going to get nasty, be maybe not today or tomorrow, but in a very very close future.

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