Monday, February 28, 2011

Way too freaky

Ok this is kind of freaky I have to admit, so I am going around you tube looking for information on the 7.7 earthquake that hit in arkanas, so listening to that and looking at comments, the usual sky is falling crowd, one of them posts the government is planning a major earthquake in may and it is called the " Nation Level Excercise 2011" So I google and they are having an exercise planned, whatever freak show, so Another video claims the government has set the date for it previously as well, ok freak job I will bite, so I do another google. and come up with this
greywalker7: Now the really freaky part they predicted the exact size three years ago on here
The sumatra quake was 7.7 coincidently, now notice that arkansas recently had the dead birds falling from the sky? HAARP, the High frequency radio test unit the government has in ALaska, now I thought its kind of bullshit too, but consider that Tesla's Earthquake machine was based on frequencies causing the quakes, Mythbusters confirmed it (even though they claimed it was busted at the end of the show) More to think about, watching this town hall meeting and hearing people talk about the covert actions o the oil companies, now beyond that, the earthquakes are supposedly being caused by natural gas fissures caused from re introducing polluted water into the crust, why woud they even be doing that in a possilbe major earthquake area to begin with?
Notice what these people are talking about, this is crazy, from a townhall meeting and they are talking about things they are seeing that are not supposed to be there wtf?

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