Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Importance of a hug

There are many things that are really hard to deal with during a tragedy but the hardest part is the unknown.
When Dad had went into a coma the unknown simply started getting to me, I went from strong, standing over him, giving words of encouragement to simply breaking down. I stood in the hallway of the hospital walking somewhat aimlessly looking for some sort of guidance, something, anything. I had been on the phone and tears were starting to roll down my cheeks as all the emotions that come along with the unknown began to release out of me like water slowly pushing through a breaking dam.
And then she came, beautiful golden curly hair falling on her shoulders a woman I had never seen simply walked up looked into my eyes and asked if I needed a hug, IM not sure if I said anything but I know that
I really did not need to. She hugged me tight, the kind of a hug when you actually get to feel the warmth coming off a person, when its almost like your spirits touch simply said it will be alright and left.
That simple hug really meant something to me and as if she had given me some of her energy, I was able to gather myself once again and head off to slay the problems that plagued dad.
So if you see someone whom you think could use a hug, just give it who knows, with that little act you may change destiny

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