Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Moms Spiritual Path

Mom has been following a spiritual path for a long time and really searching for the correct path. Reading one of her Emails tonight which I previously thought was just some forwarded spam, I learned that she had wanted to go and teach a spiritual way. Pretty cool, Now with that suddenly came the realization of the selflessness she had done and I simply had overlooked. When Dad and Jeff were both sick she flew to Brazil to see a Faith Healer, I thought it was for her, and a little for them, but as I put more thought into her letter, I now realize it was all about them. Strange journey or not, her devotion and willingness to travel to a foriegn country simply to help heal others is about as selfless as it gets, surely she is granted a wonderful next life and a strong place in heaven looking over us all.

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  1. Your going to miss her. But she'll always be with you, at least the memory of her will be. My mom has been gone for decades now, but I think of her often and appreciate her memory more as time goes by. I'm sure you will too.