Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Polish Ghetto Resistance, what can be learned?

The boy darted across the street, running between the soldiers and the line of people who were walking in a line, waiting to board a truck. He carried a loaf of bread in a basket, neatly covered under a scarf, his face dirty from not bathing for days.

He looked up to see his father standing in the window of his home, looking on, with a grave expression covering his face.
The boys hand reached out to touch the brass door knob, he knew he was not to look back but he could not resist, and he cast a glance over his shoulder, he saw his friend frank a boy sharing his same age of twelve, smile and wave then his father would lift him into the back of he truck, where his mothers outstretched arms would pull him to her breast, kissing her boy in a loving embrace.
"Anzelm in the house now" he heard his fathers stern voice thru the door and he ran inside, his mom was at the stove handily making a stew. "father where are they taking them" Anzelm would ask. "To their deaths" he replied his face still filled with concern.
"Dont be silly my dear Lech, they are merely taking them for relocation" his mother would say humming as she cooked near oblivious to what was happening around her.
"My dear" Lech Replied "why do you think they would take them? Did you notice it is only Jews who go?" "Its not just Jews" Anzelm said "I saw them taking away the gypsy families at the end of town today too" he would sit in a kitchen chair legs dangling watching his father intently.
"Something must be done" Lech said as he watched the doors close on the trucks.

From July to September 1942 300,000 predominantly Jews in Warsaw would line up and be taken to concentration camps, despite popular belief the gassing was not always just to eliminate them, rather Nazi Scientists would study intently the results of the gases.
Medical Experiments were also very popular with many Prisoners having their arms and legs amputated and a prosthetic attached, a month later the prosthetic would be removed, the wound cut open and the nerves studied for he results of healing.
Various birthing methods were tried, one of the worst was to tie a woman's legs together and to put their bodies in various positions, with scientists sitting in chairs looking on carefully taking notes the results of course would be death.
Thousands were lined up over trenches they themselves would dig, and would be shot and buried.

Many Groups popped up to stop the Massacre of their people information provided to them largely by those who had escaped.

The Jewish resistance group Z.O.B would strike back, It would be led by a brave man named Mordecai Anielewicz who would rally a handful to fight back. In April 1943 they would fire at Nazi Police and Soldiers as they herded humans made into little more than cattle onto rail cars and into trucks.
The Resistance was poorly armed, most only with pistols some grenades, Molotov cocktails and three rifles. The resistance would be short lived with the Nazis Exterminating the remaining by the end of May in the same year.

With calls for more restrictive gun control in the works, the lesson from this as with many other atrocities is simple, allow the people themselves to be armed and well trained. Anti Gunners say you have nothing to fear, history however paints a different picture, in the past century Millions of innocent people were slaughtered by various Regimes, from China, to Russia, to Africa to Cambodia innocent people disarmed by their governments would perish.

I would ask those Anti Gunners, if their is nothing to fear, why do you want my guns? why do you after every crazed lunatic strike, go after not the weapons used in the attacks, but those only weapons and ammunition which would give the people if nothing more, a basic fighting chance? Fact is there are over 300 million firearms in America, 99 percent of those owning a firearm are peaceful people, some hunters, some collectors, preserving our heritage and history, some target shooters, and others relatives like mine, were slaughtered at some point in history, like mine you say? Yes, I had relatives in Serbia, most escaped as refugees, others were slaughtered in the usual senseless conflicts of the area, you would know the most famous of our time being that perpetuated by Slobodan Milošević.

I ask only that you consider this and think closely about what you push for, stop with rational mind and gather your thoughts, your senses, and do not dishonor those who have died to give you the chance to even push forward draconian legislation.

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