Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Funeral in the Philippines, experiencing their culture

Went to funeral of my gurls grandpa. The mass was actually the night before much like when we in the west have a wake. Many people from their community attended with of course tons of relatives. Food served was white bread, rolls popcorn, pigskin, & coffee. All people seemed greatful, lacking modern Amenities the Coffee water was boiled outside over a wood fire. 
It would also be my gurls birthday and we would have Pancit, a noodle dish one of my favorites along with white bread. Worried about my health they would serve my utensiles in boiling water to insure the no germs. A bit overboard and I always have a shot of rum and at least a beer with a meal. 
The following day the funeral itself would happen. The casket was brought from the house four people would lift the coffin to shoulder height and everyone would walk under the coffin as a sign of respect. 
The procession itself I suspect is like nearly every country, a rented van acting as a hurst would lead while everone walked behind. Motorcycles being very popular here would actually lead in front of the "hurst" while everyone on foot would follow, behind those on foot would be vehicles. 
They would procede to a church where they would do a standarad catholic service and then the procession would cocntinue to the cemetary. My feet were burning from the walk to the church which I estimate to be about three miles. It simply was to hot, my feet were sweating leading to the burn as I was wearing sandles and not so used to walking long distances in them.
I would opt out and go to jolly bee for lunch a popular filipino fast food burgerjoint and eat a fairly decent burger with the Evil coke to help re hydrate.
I would ride a scooter back to the house with my gurls brother Glenn on the back. I am used to a shifting pattern of one down then all up, however his bike was all four gears down. Riding in Filinpino traffic is interesting as they are kind of like riding in a herd of wildabeast. 
The evening would finish off at a little resort, the only hotel in town called Ruvi Caves, it offers a swimming pool and a cute cave style design. THe room was not so clean though and no seat on the toilet was irritating but common in many countries. 
One thing in the Philippines is it is so hard to sleep at times as they are a noisy people until midnight, and this being a resort even more so with Karaoke being very popular and I had to listen to happy out of tune singers as I drifted off to sleep, only to be woken far to early by the sound of Roosters competing for the wake up call and busy filipinos who apparently sleep for four hours a day. 

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