Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lets wrap up this Bundy thing shall we? A lesson in Hypocrisy

Lately on the news has been nothing but the Clyve Bundy Patriot standoff.

Constantly we are bombarded by two sides of this, one side saying he is a welfare leach, the other side claiming he is a Patriot standing up to an Abusive big brother, so lets sum this up.

For over 100 years the Bundy Family has used Public land to make a living.

In 1993 Bundy figures out he can now make more of a living by not paying the Government whom he decides he despises and no longer wants to deal with.

The Big Evil Government takes Bundy to court several times all the while letting Bundys Cattle roam about on Public land, to date Bundy owes an estimated six hundred thousand just in grazing fees alone. Not counting money profited by using public land as he sells his cattle fed and watered on the Government land he hates.

The Big Evil Government decides they want their money so begin to round up the squatters cattle, who throws a fit and goes ot the news claiming they are violating his freedom, he was there first.

Militia groups hear this and are furious, right wing programs join in stating "Bundy was there before the feds" and now people are up in arms. Apparently everyone forgets who was there before the Bundy Family ever dreamed of setting foot on the land, do they even count?

Back to the story at hand.
After watching a ten minute clip on the Internet created by the Federal Government on Computers Made in China they begin to rally.

They gather their supplies filling water jugs from Government sourced water, then removing the food held to standards by the FDA into the Toilet which goes into a Federally Regulated Cesspool for safe treatment.

They then jump in their American owned au but largely foriegn built automobiles built to Federal Government standards and drive on Roads created by the Government for ease in transportation, they have had enough of the Governments nonsense!

Now they arrive at the ranch to stand beside their Welfare hero who opens his arms gracefully, and why not, he has made millions by being a Patriot, and hell, he wears a cowboy hat!

Ok I can continue but I hope by this time you realize the absolute absurdity of this entire fiasco.

Bundy has had his day in court, he lost, and is now making claims which while honest, bare no real meaning to the case at hand nor how wrong he actually is.

I truly feel a bit depressed over this all, I cannot believe that Humans can be so short sighted and poorly educated.

Sorry folks, I am by no means a BLM fan, but they have point of fact catered to the Rancher for decades, Bundy is one who benefited from that catering.

There are far, far more important issues in the world, let this moron go to Prison where he belongs and lets start dealing with real problems shall we?

Like why Americans are so eager to kill other Americans over a Constitution they themselves have never read, and those that have do not understand, and why on earth they hate a government which provides them with so much?

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