Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Morning thoughts

I attended church yesterday with my Wonderful wife, she is Catholic and having nobody else to go with her, I did so.
I have little use for Christianity in all honesty, having read the bible several times I found it repugnant, with that said I do not mind people having religion, I think some people simply need the fairy god mother stories in order to feel complete.
The Pastor of the local Catholic Church is nice enough, and carries a smile but his stories of God threatening to destroy entire cities if they did not repent are simply disgusting to me. Half way thru the service I left, I have no time in my life for that nonsense. I find it very hard to understand why people need to hear they have to grovel on their knees constantly in order to please someone who clearly hates them.
My wife like most has never read the bible, I keep telling her to do so but I doubt she will, she is content with her fantasy of what her religion actually is, I guess so long as she is happy.
This is why I like Pagan religions more, you could pick the god which more suited your character, wanted a goddess of love, she was there, a god of war? several, god of medicine, there was even one of those as well.

I have been debating on seeing the American Sniper movie, but as I grow older I am less attracted to the fabricated Hollywood truth stories and I am inclined to move away from them. Nevertheless Chris has become a national hero, god knows we need someone who saves us from poor people living in mud huts half way around the world who can somehow take away our freedom, but many do need that Hero.
SO as usual I did some reading, Chris not only seemed to not have any remorse for what he did, he seemed to enjoy it, further he claimed to have shot some 30 looters during Katrina and a couple guys who tried to jack his pickup truck.
At some point it became impossible to understand what is true and what is fabrication, since Ventura proved in the court of law Chris had fabricated their encounter, it seems reasonable to me that he along with being a Sociopath, was a Pathological liar.
Cue the hate mail, oh well.


  1. Kris Kyle was a weird dude, and killed by a fellow vet. Facts about the money: