Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday morning thoughts

Living with a foreigner is interesting, her language is cute and I love her pronunciations which are almost always phonetic but how they probably should be.
She tries so hard every day to get better at English, meanwhile I try hard to not practice Spanish, Russian or any other language I should be working on. Bilingual is a good thing, hell the more languages the better, I wish I had this attitude when I was younger and more easily learned things.

I sold my Bass Guitar yesterday, mixed feelings about it, but I am moving on to acoustical guitar, I mean it is not like you can have a Hoedown with a Bass Guitar, now a Upright Bass, hell yea, maybe someday once I am settled again I will get a upright Bass and start playing those again, the sound from them is truly haunting.

The Harmonic is a instrument I have always wanted to learn, maybe now I can work on it, oh who am I shitting, I tried a few years ago and it just not was for me, this is probably why Band in grade school suggested I try the Orchestra instead.

Less than two months to go until the wife calves, I can only pray for a child which sleeps well thru the night.

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