Monday, June 1, 2015

The Mosque Armed Protestors in Arizona Resemble Dark Groups of the Past.

I think by now anyone and everyone has seen at least some news about the recent armed protest in Arizona.
The protests were by the founders own words "Designed to flush out" terrorists within the Mosque and apparently to chase evil Muslims out of America.

There are so many things wrong with this line of thinking I am not sure where to start, well, here goes.

First off the fact people would arm themselves and surround a building filled with not only men, but women and children shows a very dangerous level of intent. It shows a complete disregard for human life not to mention the rights of those within. Think about that for a second, women and children in Prayer and these guys show up armed to the teeth spoiling for a fight, uhhggg.

The next worse aspect of this is the pre meditated aspect of it. Without a doubt these guys have put a little thought into why Muslims are Evil and need to be banished from the USA, so much so they were ready to kill anyone who so much as flinched. I am sorry, but at the point it showed intent to commit a crime, possibly murder, this protest went straight out to a good old fashioned Salem witch hunt.

These guys showed up wanting blood, hoping and praying the Evil Mooslim of their dreams would Emerge screaming "God is Great" so they could double tap him, high five with their buddies and wait until the next Rabbit, I mean Mooslim came out.

Sadly this is the exact vision anti gun groups have had of Armed Americans for years, they just perpetuated it to a T. White entitled Christian males who have no tolerance for others not of their belief or vision of worthiness. If you thought your Second Amendment rights were secure before, after the Bundy stand off and now this, they wont be for long. Plenty of fuel for the Anti Gun fire now, and honestly, who can blame them? When you have armed people showing up with the intent to kill in the guise of a protest, Houston, we have a huge problem.

These at the protest are at the same mentality of those at the Bundy Protest, supposed freedom loving Constitutional Mericans who know very little of law and are poorly educated and not well read apparently on any level.

This is a problem, ignorance creates fear, and fear creates knee jerk dangerous reactions, which is what this protest and the Bundy standoff really were.

In neither case was there an actual legal precedence for these people to be armed, in neither case were they exercising their actual rights, they were in fact trying to rule out of fear in their own way. I na sense, they were bullies.

Further those in the Arizona protest bear a striking resemblance to those radical Islamists they so hate. They are people not tolerant of other Ideals, customs or even culture, and are willing to kill in their own ignorance to stop said culture.

In the past in America we had dark groups like this, beyond the obvious which persecuted the Native Americans, we had those who persecuted those who were classified as Americans themselves, they called them witches. Those persecuting touted the bible and Their god as justification, that group was called puritans. They murdered at will if you failed their impossible test. If you swam you were a Witch and therefore to be killed. IF you drowned then you were not a witch, but well they were dead, but at least they knew!

The next group I can think of which is even more in line with the current Ideology of the protestors, who used to claim the First Amendment, well a picture speaks a thousand words.

Notice the resemblance, supposed Patriots flying an American Flag even. They have zero tolerance for those they deem not worthy in America, specifically the Jew and the Negro.

Have we really digressed that much in the US? Is our education system really that bad?

The only good from this, if there is any, is that the protestors were met not by angry armed Muslims, but by peaceful people trying to educate.

The bad, they just re affirmed what radical Islam already states, Muslims are being persecuted.

I fear these protests in the end will do far, far more harm in the long run, than good.

The hate has to end.

I just want to say as an advocate for firearms ownership, and the Second Amendment in general these assholes do not represent the rest of us, they like the Mooslims the haters are a minority, at least I hope they are. As a former Christian I am also here to say they do not represent the majority of Christians, and as a White male, I certainly hope they do not represent the rest of us as well.

I am sorry, truly America I am sorry this is still going on today.

Some quick facts readily hidden by the Media for those reading this that are fuming right now.

The US Constitution was not the first Human rights doctrine, it actually shares some ideology from a document of hte past and arguably the first to recognize human rights. The Constitution of Medina written by none other than Muhammad.

Second, there are more women elected into Government in Pakistan than the US, in fact Pakistan has already had a female PM, not once, but twice. Indonesia, another Muslim country has also had a Female PM. The US? Not yet.

Second Baghdad just elected its first female Mayor, so much for oppressive Muslims.

Third Muslims actually believe in Jesus as well, he was a profit who came from you guessed it, Mary as well.

I could be here all day typing, but I thought this would be a good way to dispel many myths surrounding the Quran and all those hate quotes you have seen being passed around. Now mind you, like the protestors at one point in my life I thought Islam was evil and vile as well, then I read the Quran and it was nothing like I thought.

Last, here is a link of someone who I find very special in the world, a woman with Balls that clank, Lois Pryce who Motorcycled Iran not once, but twice! What she found will shock you.

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  1. One of your best blogs yet! Having lived in Phoenix and known some incredibly kind and wonderful Muslim people while I lived there, I especially appreciate your writing about this. One of my favorite places to shop was a Muslim owned small grocery store. The owners were so nice I wanted them to adopt me. Kinder and gentler human beings are rarely found anywhere on the planet. There are crazy extremists in all stripes and in all colors, but the vast majority of human beings are good. Thank you for reminding us all that hatred and fear begets nothing but hatred and fear, unless it's met with love and understanding.