Saturday, June 13, 2015

I got my first UAV Quad Copter, the Syma X5c !

What a wonderful time we live in when virtually every kind of electronic gismo we dreamed of is now available to the common man.
I like many men have a fascination with this stuff and I will do my best to experiment with what I can.

First let us make a clarification, a Drone is completely autonomous and flies by itself, while a UAV means Unmanned Ariel Vehicle, which would be the proper usage in this case.

The history of the UAV is actually fairly old, with the first US UAV as we know it flying in combat in 1963. However the UAV was reportedly in use and some sort of development, mostly as flying bombs as early as WW1, and even beyond in the form of Hot Air Balloons.

Clearly the powers that be have kept the fun stuff out of our hands for some time, yet finally it is here and by damned, I will enjoy it.

So started the research, for the past two years since they were released I have looked, dreamed and waited for one I could afford. This year that would happen.

With visions of racing thru the woods like some star wars movie, I calmed myself realizing I wanted something for more of a camera platform at this time. Reading many reviews on the 400 dollars on up models, I realized that despite the marketing of a beginner Quad Copter, many were still losing them be it forever, or in water, trees etc. I would settle one which reviews were quit high, enter the SymaX5c with Camera for 53 dollars shipped!

Now out of the box this thing is actually charged, mostly assembled and RTF (Ready to Fly)
I would waste no time installing the battery and crashing it in the living rooms since the wind was absolutely railing outside. It took several bashings inside the house that were beyond what I expected.

I would try to fly it outside in the wind but would quickly have to shut it off at about 25feet as the wind took it, I panicked and it would land upside down on my roof. After crawling up and carrying it back down I would again panic after brief loss of control and in all my Martial Arts reflexes and wisdom, toss down the Remote in order to catch it, Uhhgg. I would continue to drain the battery several times and finally I was good enough I could fly around the house relatively uneventful.

Today was a different day outside, after having troubles with the camera I discovered it merely was not plugged in tight, so I have my first Video and outside flight experience. It seems to work well.

Using the Camera is easy, merely flip a switch and on it goes. Operating was a bit of a challenge still with light gusts threatening to carry it off. I would gain at least rudimentary control and manage to harass my elderly neighbor, who proclaimed "I want one" Indeed, she is going to get one next week apparently.

Thus far initial impressions are good, mating the Syma to the Quad is super easy, adjusting level flight is even more easy, and while it could use more functions in regard to beginning use and advanced use, it seems to do well.

Anything above 5mph wind is a bit difficult at my horrid skill level to fly, but light breezes are possible and fairly easy as one practices more. This is where an expensive larger one would do well. Regardless I am still having fun playing with the dog in the yard. I dive bomb her and she nips at it and chases it around.

I think I made the right choice initially, even though the wife has already claimed it, I can experiment with relative peace of mind over destroying and possibly losing 50 dollars, over 400+

I still am going to put my Name and Phone number on it in the event I lose it.

More updates to come, a quick video of early flight testing.

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