Saturday, June 20, 2015

End the hate.

Nine people die in South Carolina and the Country comes uncorked.
The news headlines for weeks to come will cover this tragedy.
Yet every time a innocent muslim dies over seas, people clap, cheer and call for it to be "Turned to glass"
When people die in Africa the comments are "They have always been like that"

Nonsense, Humans are Humans and most are peaceful, all are deserving of life.

Killing innocent people is never a good thing. I do not know those in South Carolina but I understand their pain, just as those in Palestine, Israel, Congo and Myanmar.

Its time as a Nation and a people to grow past the Bigoted narrow minded bullshit. Its time to quit pretending we are "Protecting our freedom" while in the same breath cursing oil companies for their expansion, for their underlying cause of the wars to fuel our gluttony.

End the hate.

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