Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve, lost in Paris.

I found myself on Christmas Eve standing in front of a sign in front of a restaurant trying to read the sign which may as well have been written in Klingon, a couple came out of the door, dressed for the night he was in a nice suit jacket, and she an attractive blonde with a pearl necklace, both wearing trench coats would stop look at me, say something to each other, and then me in french, I just stared blankly and the woman said in English "Are you alone, do you need someone to spend Christmas with?" holy crap was she serious, surely she was, a gentle smile on her and his face came forth, and it ocured to me that they must have thought I was a man of the street, standing there dressed in blue jeans, worn leather motorcycle jacket that had thousands of miles and all elements worn on it, bandana, long hair, ya, I was a child of the street alright "no" I replied fighting back a tear at their generosity "I am just out exploring my lazy friend is back in the hotel and Im just trying to figure out this damn menue" was about all I could come up with, they bid me a Merry Christmas and walked off her arm tucked neatly under his, so much for Rude French I thought. I gave up with the menue and decided to walk about. It was cool and crisp, oh so quiet, sometimes gentle christmas music would float from a closed door, I came upon a phone booth and began calling friends and family, chatting with my not yet departed Friend Scott "Ahongus" Goforth a woman came by whom I had asked directions from the night before at a bakery. I hustled out of the booth leaving the phone hanging to speak with her. We chatted quickly an she said she was on her way to a Party and I could walk her there if I like. Well hell yea I would like to walk a French girl to a party, oh shit Scott was still on the phone "Hello, hello, wtf" I heard him say "sorry dude, wish the mom a good Christmas ran into a girl gotta go" and the last thing I heard him say just before the phone touched the receiver "right..get some for...." ok so I will leave the last part out being Christmas and all. Off we strolled, her curly dark hair bouncing off her scarf as she pointed here or there and telling me a little about the history, cobblestone streets echoed our foot steps off of buildings centuries old. We walked up a windy road to a fountain, where she would give me a tender kiss an bid me a good night, then she would ask if I knew where I was. "Come on, I am a man, I have a built in sense of Direction" I would reply. She smiled "This is old paris, the streets go all directions and make no sense, just go that way and walk to the light" ok well that made sense, she gave me a tight hug and her bright red lips would brush against my neck as she would walk off. And there I stood looking about, just realizing it was foggy and the fountain was where a half dozen other roads came together. "Are you fucking kidding me" I thought looked at the fountain dark and gray in the fog wondering where to go, deciding on a road directly behind me thinking it may be the one I came up. I woul walk along as the road twisetd and turned, sometimes I could see a glow thru the fog far down below, so that is the way I went, always choosing the road which seemed to go in that direction, soon I the fog would lift as I came off the little hill, and there with the river parting around it would be Notre Dam acting as my tower of light. I sat there on the banks of the river Sien looking at the Old Church, gargoyles looking menacingly a scaring away any evil that dare approach, lights dancing off the dark water seemingly keeping the fog at bay,. I would take my time going back to the hotel, watching as lights here and there slowly blinked out from apartment windows, listening to the last trace of Christmas music drifting to me. I would walk past couples kissing tenderly on stone benches along the river, lights reflecting off the dark water as promises were made to each other. Soon I found myself back in the old hotel, not to be greeted by some beautiful french girl waiting for me in my room but to Curt "Wtf dick turn out the damn light some of us are trying to sleep here, not like there is anything to see on christmas eve here anyhow" I took a look at the piece of paper we had hung on the wall, on that paper would be our Christmas tree, drawn with little packages about it, "Nope, there was nothing to see at all" I would say as I would tuck myself into sheets thinking of all the spirits walking about remembering what peace there was, what peace there could be on the streets of Paris.

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