Thursday, December 27, 2012

And the Jungle would Cry

She beat on the Table and Proclaimed "they must be Eliminated, they have to go" her eyes wild with fury "with them eliminated our problems will be gone" the cabinet minister sat back in her chair, looking at the rest of the cabinet, lights shown dimly on her dark eyes as she surveyed the group, hoping they would agree with her presentation. The Cabinet talked, debated, drinks were shared, fists beat on the table, and it was decided, they must go. Over the next few months Government preparations were made, weapons ordered, the regime being somewhat broke would order Machetes from China, but they needed more actual physical weapons. Those weapons would be acquired from Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Minister of Egypt who would later be Secretary General to the United Nations, would supply the regime with gernades, rocket launchers, Mortars and Ak-47s. Militia loyal to the government filled out paperwork for the Assault rifles, cheering and firing into the air as they acquired the firearms. Grenades were handed out freely, but most would end up with a machete, they would hold it their sabers high letting the light bounce off the blades as they proclaimed their hatred for the dreaded enemy, they would no tolerate peace talks from their own people, traitors they must die, and 30,000 men would gather, make plans and soon would stock thru the Jungle, looking for their hated enemy. They would find sympathizers to the dreaded peace talks, screaming those siding with peace were dragged from their homes and hacked to death. Then they moved forward, and in a wide swath the killing commenced, villagers would run, only to be gunned down, arms and legs left their owners bodies as the energy from grenades pulled them apart. Mortars would crater the roads, and people would fall, crying, screaming, mostly unarmed and helpless they would hide anyplace they could, their hands tearing at friends and family members clothes who ran away as their bodies felt the blades of Machetes cutting into their flesh. Militia would lay in ambush jumping out of the jungle and cut down those running, rushing others, women were raped, arms cut off, left to live and be slaves or killed, it did not matter, children's hands cut off, meanwhile 2500 UN peacekeepers looked on, helpless ordered not to engage only to observe. Some fought back, rebels would take up arms with whatever they have and already having somewhat of an organized resistance they did what they could. The killing lasted for days, and when it was over nearly one Million people would be Butchered, most hacked to death. Their Bodies overwhelmed the countryside, some were burned, some scavenged by animals but most were pushed by Bulldozers and front end loaders into mass graves. The Killing was Ethnically motivated, but many claimed to have had visions of blood provided them by the Virgin Mary giving them cause for the Massacre, in this war at least, Muslims would be the ones who would hide and shelter those from both sides. Everything within this story is at some point true, this is the Rwanda Massacre perpetuated by a twisted Government and aided of course from a Man who would later go on to work for the UN, this my friends, is why the Second Amendment exists within the United States, to give its citizens a chance at least of surviving such nonsense.

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