Sunday, April 12, 2015

Teleportation Girl, I want to believe.

I have to admit, I watched this first video several times trying to see the glitch, it just did not make sense to me.
As you watch it, you notice the time does not skip like you expect, while I did not believe it was real, I struggled to understand how it was possible.

My Imagination screamed it was real, but my logical side, said it was creative video editing.
The first video

More videos would pop up, which started to make the credibility go down with the absurd flashes of the logo on the back of her sweater.

As it turns out Teleportation girl is somewhat real, so my imaginative side wins, well sort of.

Teleportation girl is a publicity stunt for a video game, a girl actually travels around in a costume doing charitable stunts to help promote the video game, sorry, there is nothing more to this.

As I said, I want to believe, but I simply cannot. It is always fun doing research into technology :)

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