Saturday, April 4, 2015

Two weeks of new baby down!

I have learned lots since the birth of my child, namely how busy and wearing it can actually be.
We took full advantage of the nursery at the hospital so we could get some shut eye, it was much needed, despite this we were still awake every three to four hours at night for feeding.
We would come home on Sunday completely exhausted but ready for the task.

Night one proved to be as difficult as everyone says, lots of crying and no sleep. It seems that babies covertly wait until you have laid back down and just started to drift off before they cry. This went on for awhile until I figured out to just sit up with her and trade off with the wife, trying to let the wife rest as much as possible at night between feedings.

Night one was really the only horrid night, although a couple hours here and there at night which were difficult, overall I found it quit easy to sleep while the wife fed and changed the diapers.

The wife learned the hard way that babies will instinctively either poo or wet themselves once a diaper is removed, this goes along with the typical baby plot of complete mayhem.

We also learned that Babies can projectile poo, it is like grease trying to clean off furniture, amazing system of Mayhem they have in place!

Diaper changing is now a breeze and it is accused that I have not had a clean diaper in my mouth while I took off a dirty one. I neither confirm nor deny.

Baby does sleep well while traveling, this has been wonderful, place her in car seat crying stops and she is ready to adventure!

The Dog adjusted well to baby from day one with Sadi the dog carefully looking to make sure Daya is ok. I sincerely doubt anyone could lay a hand on her as she ages without being subject to a bundle of mad fur.

Overall it has been a wonderful blessing. Truly it is amazing to see their very first smile and their little hands start to understand grip.

More updates to come!

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