Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The dreams that make you sweat

I was sleeping hard, very hard as has been the case lately with very vivid dreams I cannot seem to remember as I wake up.

Laying on my belly my mind drifted off to another place, you know those ones that seem ever so real, but I cannot describe it.

A voice would call out "Wake up" and I was alert. I tried to prop myself up but there were arms pushing me down, there seemed to be two people pushing me with all their weight on me. A voice called out again, it was female, to get up and go into the kitchen. I would push, and push and push even harder fighting whatever was holding me down. I wanted to wake up, I struggled hard to gain complete consciousness, finally I won, I pushed up with a mighty heave and I would wake up.
I looked over thinking maybe the voice I heard was my wife, it was not her, she was fast asleep.
The voice though, who was it? The arms, who were they? Why were they in my dreams?

Those dreams make me wonder, are they real? what do they represent? We like to think it is our dreams, but what if we do cross over a bit, or maybe something else does just for that moment?

I rarely have dreams that powerful, the ones where you want to scream but you cannot, you want to run, but your body will not move, all the while struggling, wanting the Vanilla Sky. I can remember every single one like they happened yesterday, all the feelings associated, the struggle and the success, followed by the wonder, was it real?

Maybe a person is better off not knowing the answer, I dono, regardless they will always make one ask what and why.

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