Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Real Trajedy of Nepal.

Maybe for me having visited developing countries before it is a bit easier to understand.

A tragedy always sucks regardless of where you are in the world, however the real problem being in places like Nepal the Government is ill equipped to deal with the situation at all. People themselves will have to gather together and do their best to form rescue operations, share food, figure out water, and deal with where their sewage will go.

Here in the west it is far easier for us, we have some of the best charities in the world at our doorstep, ready to lend us a helping hand. We have all the equipment necessary to help with rescue operations and being the repairs, this is not hte case in Nepal.

Nepal like any developing country is seriously lacking in the Equipment to even dig people out. Mind you there will be an Excavator here and there but by large, rubble will be removed painstakingly by hand.

They will not have dogs trained to sniff for survivors, nor those dogs to search for dead bodies in the weeks to come. Masks will be improvised more often than not a simple rag tied over their face.

Before the quake simple things we take for granted like water, was still something treasured there as it simply does not run in every house. Buckets were used then, and will be used now regardless of the income status. Water will have to be trucked in, but with what exactly? In America there are quit literally fleets of potable water trucks waiting for any emergency. Granted those trucks are usually private contractors, but non the less they are at our disposal to insure our basic right of water is met.
In Nepal they will fill anything that can hold water, that means lots of dirty buckets and containers we would balk at in a minute in the US.

To make matters worse they have no place to go, in the west again we have massive stadiums which can hold tens of thousands of people and keep them sheltered, in Nepal, they will have to slab together whatever they can find.

The light in all this is many aid groups will come to the rescue, from the legendary Red Cross, to Religious based organizations hoping to add a few members to their group simply from showing their good will, to organizations such as Medical San Frans commonly known as Doctors without Borders who will not only help provide medical aid, but deal with helping to rebuild and upgrade the infrastructure itself.

Immediate donations will pour in, and they are desperately needed, but long term as with most of these places is needed far more than anything.

I cannot help but wonder if the Media in America focused less on non important social Drama like the Bruce Jenner nonsense how much more help this could bring. While I sympathies with those who deal with transsexual problems, theirs will be there tomorrow and are more of a personal issue to be dealt with over an overall social issue. Imagine thinking someone having trouble with their sexual Identity takes precedent over someone starving or potentially freezing to death.

I hope whomever reads this will find it in their heart to do two things. One please donate to a charity of your choice, regardless if those funds go directly to Nepal, there are plenty of situations all over the world that money will go to help. I would also ask you to encourage our Media to start reporting important events, and less on the dysfunctional Honey Boo boo or the Kardashians.
Lets take this Tragedy to start making a difference, if your neighbor prospers, so shall you.

Paul Walkers Charity for your Fast and Furious Fans

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