Sunday, February 20, 2011

Capitalism vs Marxism

The current situation within Wisconson is a classic case of Capitalism vs Marxism, Unions are heavily Marxist in Nature and if one pays attention to the Leftist media today it openly portrays the exact same Ideals which pushed Communism to great heights merely a few decades ago, discouraging ingenuity and indpendence for the "good of the state"
Unions have caused most of the economic and job decline within America and Unions within our government have contributed to unprecedented financial shortfalls and unemployment.
Consider this, government employee's have over the past two years garnered higher wages and better benefits while private sectors have been taxed heavily and your subjects such as senior citizens have lost benefits and your average person has a higher retirement age in order to pay for the "state" and lower retirement ages for those within said selective group.
It is important for people to strongly analyze what they believe America is, and where it is headed

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