Sunday, February 27, 2011

UFC 127

Well the  Penn vs Fitch fight was prtty good, not sure what Fitch was doing hugging penns legs so much, why you waste all your energy and ability to point by taking someone down who is legendary at takedown defense is beyond me. The decision was a bit disapointing, while it was a close fight, it certainly was no clear cut wins in the first two rounds.
A bit disapointed in the bisbing fight, that never should have been a matchup to begin with, Bisbing was obviously a superior fighter from the get go with Jorje only being a brawler, the Illegal knee was unfortuante,  I tend to think Jorje was just taking to long to get up and Bisbing was trying to time his knee to land at the exact moment Jorje's feet came under him an I do not believe the fight should have been allowed to continue but Jorje came back strong, Poor Matchup IMO and it is Time for a Bisbing Title fight.

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  1. While I'm glad Penn didn't lose, I thought the "majority draw" is the biggest cop-out I've ever heard. I'm sure we'll see them fight again. While I was bummed to see my favorite fighter (Condit) injured and unable to fight, Ebersole stepped into his slot with Lytle and showed what he was all about. Very impressive and entertaining fight. It was a bummer Bisping hit Rivera with that illegal knee, it'll probably taint his victory but Bisping came in full of fire and ready to dominate. Overall pretty good fights.