Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New vs Old Automobile

Recently I sold my 2005 Dodge Pickup I purchased Brand new in 05, damn nice truck with power everything, the paintjob was one of the coolest features as the dark blue changed color in the light to look black as well, the aluminum alloy wheels set it all off nicely. But I found it just sitting there, rarely used after business slowed, driving it was nice, hell like a car, better than any car 20 years ago even, but it was just sooo nice. Everytime I went into the woods I just worried about it getting scratched, on job sites I was constantly nagging the help to not scratch the paint as they leaned over the side to grab some tools. And then the deciding factor, out hunting this winter I started to slide off the road, there looming was a tree who's only future would be a toothpick as I slid within a hairs breath of it, cursing under my breath I thought of just how expensive this could be. Pondering I decided the dozen or so times a year I drove the truck no longer warrented owning it, so I put her up for sale and two weeks later She was gone.
Now I decided to get my Dads old 74 powerwagon going that he built from the ground up in the early 80s.
It fired right up, thats good, cept litterally, I forgot to tighten the fuel line when messing with the carburator and ended up with an engine fire as the fire licked at the firewall (how quant) I ran and grabbed an extinguisher and ended the fires destiny. So the past few days have been fixing burt wiring and tinkering to get her running good again, I grumbled, frustrated with the cramped positions and hurt knee's, but I found myself doing something I have not done in years, I came online and started looking at aftermarket parts, little things to add here and there to better the ride. My lost passion for modifying a vehicle had returned, suddenly owning a truck was fun again. So here I think that maybe while new certainly has its place, keeping an old rig around can keep that old flame going (pardon the pun) and lets face it, new cars or nice, but nothing compares to the style of old.

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