Friday, February 4, 2011

How lucky you are to not live under a Dictator

Very little receives the attention that it should in today’s media, We here all about problems in other countries, pointing out how good we have it without Media censorship, a couple minutes later they will talk about the Potus having censored the media or some Mayor calling for the seizure of a video showing Police stomping some teen burglars head into the ground. Next we hear about how fortunate we are to live in a country where you are free to to vote for either of two candidates for Potus, while pointing out other countries (third world) do not even get the chance to vote, or vote in rigged Elections, 2000 elections aside the little fact that other western countries seem to have multiple candidates to elect as their president, but that is not so significant, only two parties matter right? Next we are told about Some middle astern thug who gassed his own people, who is suppressing rights and building nuclear weapons, in a small paragraph somewhere in our own media will be a lightly mentioned almost nonchalant "and today the Pentagon confirmed that yes soldiers in the US military and Civilians in four states were exposed to chemical and biological weapons during the 60s in some obscure operation to test said effects of agents on humans, but rest assured the testing no longer goes on, I felt relieved, especially after the next press release confirmed that Nazi Scientists were smuggled into the United States under project paperclip, I guess I should count myself as being lucky that I was not alive during this time, and not been involved in a car accident and had plutonium shoved in my veins.
Feeling a bit better about myself I turn on the news and see the TSA promoting how great they are to work for, full benefits which cover your family as well, 20 year retirement guaranteed, three weeks paid vacation, 14 sick days, join the worlds largest employer, the US government, in small print somewhere the government debates on raising the retirement age from 65 to 68, some calling for it to be in the late 70s, in a small sentence somewhere I find the average life expectancy is 77 in America, fortunate am I that my family has good genes and I get to add another three years onto that, cant wait for those 9 glorious years of retirement after nearly 50 years of working.
But I am encouraged, I own my Home, as a matter of fact, I own several, nobody can take that away from me, and home ownership was up under the Bush administration, yea, I feel good, nobody can tell me anything, but shit, the neighbors are telling me they do not like my yard, screw them, the HOA filed a grievance against the Jones who had company parking in front of their garage in the driveway, good job I missed out on that, I saw on the news where some war Veteran was told to take down his Flag, how dare he flaunt that in front of his house, I still have some freedom on my property, I did not succumb to such Nazi tactics, I pay my lease in the form of Taxes for my home that I paid off from the banks that never can be paid off from the government, at least that’s one payment down right?Yes, to live free of such nonsense perpetuated by Tyranical Nutbags who suppress the civilians giving little and bolster only the government agenda and those within their own special group for at least I was allowed the privlage to vote for that nutbag, very fortunate indeed
Isnt Freedom Grand?

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