Monday, February 7, 2011

Silva Vs Belfort, The fight of the year, or not

So Silva Vs Belfort was widely touted as the fight of the year, and it certainly had all the potential to be with two legends stepping into the ring together, One a long lanky fighter seemingly unbeatable and with a look and fighting style o Dahalism from street fighter, And the other, a champion before the Spider even started fighting, with a nickname suggesting he himself was incredible but suffering from his own inner demons being his only limitation to his potential greatness.
The weigh in was classic all be it an Anorexic looking Belfort, dropped to much weight I thought, my hopes sank, but then the weigh in, the stare down and words exchanged were as intense as there can be, quickly Vitor's lack of Nutrition fled my mind and I beat my chest in anticipation for the spider squishing.
And it happened, they squared off, no touching of the gloves, the hatred fuming in both of them as two of the best circled each other in anticipation, feints feints and more feints as each stomped their foot like childhood bullies trying to intimidate the other into seemingly running out of the cage, And more Feinting, and standing around looking, then Andersons dance was all Belfort could stand as he lunged forward with Bruce Lee's Patonted straight blast, The Spider Stepped to the side and a couple lackluster low kicls later Vitor connects, to the ground, back up, My pulse races, the Spider is done now, its over, and it was, a single white belt kick straight to the face of the Phenom and his light dimmed as his legs lost communication to his brain.
Just like that the King Of Ego got to beat his chest some more, run off about training under one of the most Ridiculous Self important actors of All time Mr Seagal, and doubts running through all our minds as to who can possibly beat him, But calls of GSP echo through the web, I know better Mr Arachnid, white men fall to you like clothes off a stripper, I have one name Mr Arachnid, your Kryptonite from that island off china, Okami shall be your exterminator.

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