Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pensions forgotten

With all the fury going on in Wisconson one major factor is overlooked and for the life of me I cannot understand why, that is pensions. For some strange unknown reason governments think they can tap into peoples pension funds, and for some reason, with all the arguing and bickering over losing “collective bargaining rights” the pension is again overlooked. Are we as a society so concerned with the know we forget about the future?
My Father had been a part of the Almagated Transit Union for over 20 years, he worked hard, attended his union meetings, and always despite being screwed over by the boiler makers union, always was a union man. But then the company he worked for started going downhill, and they took cuts, and took more cuts, and finally simply went on strike, the business folded and now nobody had a job, however the one thing that was absolute worse than losing a job, was the simple fact he lost his pension. As it turns out money had not been going where it was supposed to, and their union representative had not bothered doing his job and checking to see if that money was indeed going where it belonged. So there stood the workers, most nearly ready for retirement now wondering what they would do for an income, think about htat for a minute, when the music stops, will you have a chair?
SO I ask, why on earth are these thieves who take from your pension not prosecuted like the worthless rats they are? Why the hell is the one thing that you worked so hard for, ever in danger of being touched to begin with? To me touching peoples pensions is reason for a call to arms, goddamn it, let people retire, they earned it.

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