Thursday, February 3, 2011

Unemployment numbers not what they seem

Official Unemployment numbers released by the United States Government consistently hover around the 9.5 percent mark with the Obama administration touting the recent supposed drop in applications. Problem is as with most things government, it is simply incorrect. The real number is easily doubled that, unemployment numbers are based upon the number of people actually receiving unemployment, this does not cover those denied, nor those cases which are pending, it seems that the state of Montana has its system figured out to the maximum to screw over its beneficiary. Montana like many states simply delays applications in order to have a "perceived lower unemployment rate" these delays can run three months or more while a decision is rendered, actually, while nobody does anything hoping you simply quit filing your claim and go away in the event you actually follow through with it you will receive a lump sum check after you have already lost everything not receiving benefits owed to you. Which to me is just another typical government program which people pay into and cannot receive when they truly need it, yet another reason why your money should stay in your pocket for YOUR spending or investing purposes.

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