Thursday, February 10, 2011

The loss of Mubarak

So there are calls everywhere for the removal of Mubarak, horrible dictator, citizens not making much, on and on, and this is true, however what is not being reported upon is what he has done, He is a leader that has pushed for his national treasures to be just that, and even more, world treasures, Tourism has boomed and probably accounts for a good part of Egypts overall gross. And last, he has been a valuable US ally, yet the US government seems content with throwing him under the bus, letting Egypt degrade into the hell Hole which is Iraq and Afganistan, Willing to take the chance of an even worse dictator coming along, who is not friendly with the West.
It seems Apparent to me that one it would have been to America's best interest to stay out of the entire thing, and two, if it is going to step in, be for stabilization rather than a mob with no direction on any level. I shudder to see what happens in the middleast, but I suspect the relative calm will now be gone as history has shown what happens when we put our nose where it does not belong.

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