Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sportbike Vs Crusier Price Mentality

For years Harley rider have spent close to 20 thousand dollars on bikes with older technology and very little modern Research and Development, With grins that cover their faces,  they ride, or talk about how they would ride on their expensive machines.
Yet sportbike Japanese Riders spend several thousand dollars less on the absolute latest technology in every sense, on a bike with Research and Development that is constantly competing at the highest level, but if you mention Spending the Harley Equivilent price on a Ducati, MvAgusta or Aprilia, most Immediatly Scoff in half grumpyness.
Are we really that spoiled that we are afraid to pay for quality? Isnt cutting edge technology worth every penny, especially when one compares it side by side to a bike with decades old technology?
While only a small percentage of us sportbike Riders actually ride on the racetrack, shouldnt those of us who do especially be willing to shell out more cash for that top of the line racing technology?
I for one feel blessed at this time to enjoy a japanese bike, it handles great, runs smooth, and does everything comparable to its italian Cousins, but I will not hesitate when both my skills, and pocket book allow me to pull the trigger on a more expensive bike. I for one hope to enjoy the race track to its fullest on the latest technology someday, and I sure as hell will not be grumbling.

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