Friday, February 11, 2011

The Energy Within

Now I have always had strange energy flow, usually it effects clocks an watches, I have always had trouble wearing watches, especially any gold ones and they quickly stop when worn by me, digital have been hit and miss but usually they quit working as well, and clocks you say? well ya, clocks have been known to speed up and slow down around me, no IM not doing any Illegal or even Legal narcotics, its just how things have always been, I carry one hell of a Static charge, to date the coolest thing I have one was shut off A tv merely by my static charge, now this morning I took that to a whole new level when my VCR had fallen behind the TV and I am repositioning it, bam, TV comes on, now I dono if you believe in symbolism or not, but it turns on to the state schedual for senate and legislators. Since I have always had political ambitions maybe its telling me something.

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