Monday, February 28, 2011

The real problem with Oil and Natural Gas

Drilling for oil has always bothered me not because of oil itself, but because of the release of pressure beneath our crust. While oil is lighter than water it also carries a higher PSI, think of it like this, hydrolics needs pressure in order to operate, water while it creates some pressure lacks enough to say operate a hydraulics system on a piece of machinery. Now as this oil is released from the ground it of course creates a pressure loss even though water is being injected to force out the oil, This has to allow shifts within our earth crust. What will the consequences for this be in the future? Who knows for sure? While I love oil, I do not believe we can drill ourselves off the planet not because it may run out, but simply because of crust shifts which will of course create earthquakes and other problems down the road. Sounds radical? ya it is and IM not aware of anyone else coming up with this theory currently, I have always hoped someone of importance did or would think of this and push it forward.
Recently the earthquake in Arkansas was more than likely from another source, drilling for natural gas. Geologists are assuming that it could be caused from re injecting the ground with waste water from the natural gas removal process, this is creating fissures, are we completely insane? One why the hell are we pumping crap untreated water into the earth, and two, why would we even mess with foundation upon which we live on? People, we cannot go anywhere else, there is no other planet we can fly to in order to save the day, money is worthless if we cannot continue on living.

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